High Level Hip Hop Fundrive Special

A special episode for CJSR 88.5FM's 2021 Fundrive! Listen to our producers retrospectively look back on the season and revisit the exclusive tracks recorded live at the CJSR studios this past summer.

Listen in on our special episode where we revisit the tracks released this season. Hear from High Level Hip Hop producers Vanessa Vivieros and Tristan Cruz, as well as High Level Hip Hop designer, Esther Dimalanta on their thoughts for the season. 

Songs in the order they are played: 
  • "Can't Believe I Found You" by PLEASEBENiCE
    To hear more music from PLEASEBENiCE, please visit their Bandcamp and Spotify.

  • "Kind Regards" by Arlo Maverick
    To hear more from Arlo Maverick, as well as his latest album Soul Merchant, make sure to visit his Bandcamp or search for him on your preferred streaming service.

  • "Part-time Apartheid Reprise" by Kaz Mega
    To hear more from Kaz Mega, checkout his Bandcamp. For more information and links to other socials, checkout his Webiste at http://www.kazmega.com/

  • "Falling" by Selassie Drah
    To hear more music from Selassie, visit his Bandcamp and Spotify.

  • "Letter to Myself" by Cxtotheworld
    To hear more from Cxtotheworld, make sure to search for him on Apple Music, Spotify or your preferred streaming service.

  • "Lift Off" by Thugshells
    To hear more from Thug Shells, find her on Spotify, Bandcamp, or your preferred streaming service. For more information on what she has coming up, visit her website at thugshells.ca
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